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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Petition-President Obama misuse of Geronimo name associated with Osama bin Laden

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Petition to: President Obama
U.S. Senate & House Of Representatives

The American Indian community demands an apology from President Obama to include U.S. Senate and House Of Representatives for allowing the code name "Geronimo" represent international terrorist Osama bin Laden.

The association of Geronimo's name to Osama bin Laden is yet another degrading slap in the face to American Indians from another president and our federal government who waged an "unnecessary holocaust war" against American Indians in the forming of the America we have today. True American history shows Indians were never an enemy of this country. American Indians had every right to stand up for their true home land, way of life, freedom, civil liberties and right to self govern.

Geronimo is an American Indian hero, an American Indian civil rights leader icon in U.S. history. President Obama would not dare allow the name Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson or any other prominent African American name be associated to Osama bin Laden. This one point alone being made goes to the heart of demanding an apology from President Obama as our country's Commander in Chief.

President Obama's gross oversite in allowing Geronimo's name to be used representing a mass murder terrorist Osama bin Laden, calling for the destruction of America is another dark day in American history branded on the American Indian community and totally unjustified. An apology from President Obama will not change history, but a public apology from President Obama has to be part of that history for future American generations and people around the world to fully understand the plight of American Indians, their service and patriotism to our country.

History note: The federal government is setup and based on the foundation of American Indian Nation governments, so stated by U.S. Senate resolutions honoring Native American Indian Heritage Month of November. Federalism, separation of government powers, freedom of speech to include the Indian word caucus were home grown, and in use by American Indians and their gift to all people of the world willing to stand up for their human rights.

Mike Graham, Founder United Native America
Citizen of Oklahoma Cherokee Nation and U.S.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Independence comes from being self sufficient.
The elders on the Sisseton-Wahpeton Reservation in South Dakota are busy making quilts so they can raise money to complete the Community/Veterans Center this August. We have a teen group who is hosting pancake breakfasts, tag sales and silent auctions to raise money, but funding is going slow.

We need to raise at least another $5,000 to make this dream come true.


These quilts were made to honor the donors who help us achieve this dream.

For every dollar you spend, you are being honored, whether you win or not. :-)
Chance tickets are $1.00 but the more you buy the better your chances to win,

so buy 100, 400, 700!! Or even just 5.

$700 buys a quilt!!

This is what they retail for in South Dakota.

Quilts come in all colors and are arriving faster than we can sell tickets.

Each time we reach $700, we will draw for a quilt.

Visit: http://www.changingwinds.org/CommunityCenters.htm

and buy a chance ticket today!!

This is NOT an insurmountable goal!

Whether you want the quilt or not, These elders are looking to help their community. There is no economy there for them to get jobs. We keep sending sewing machines, now lets help them achieve pride, dignity, and a place to stay warm and fed, even medically treated, during those crisis storms in the winter!!

Thank you for your caring support, and PLEASE forward to your friends!!

Changing Winds is a 501 C3 non profit organization.

Call 203-256-9720 for more information